Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just Keep Snowing...

Thank you Winter Storm Nemo for providing some lovely training weather for Antarctica!!!  I went out with the pup on Friday morning, while we only had a couple inches, to check off another mile in the woods.  Just us and the softly hissing snow and some wicked winds around the pond.  I was quite comfortable though, so I'm getting the hang of what layering works for me.  I tried out my Craft baselayer for the first time, and once it was snugly tucked into my running tights so it stopped inching up, it was fantastic.  And ski goggles!  I have never run in goggles before, but finding a well-fitted pair is going to be a must to survive the potential Antarctic winds.  By Saturday, the snow was way too deep and I wish I owned snow shoes.  We did run today, a little over a mile, on the streets, which are plowed but still have a solid layer of snow on them.  No problems from the knee, I am happy to report!

Paleo January has also come to an official close, but I have enjoyed the cooking experiments and I will be sticking with it.  I have to put milk back into my diet, but the benefits of removing grains have been marked and I think it will only get better with more time.  I notice almost immediately when I stray towards the forbidden foods, because my stomach gets disgruntled and I feel icky.  I am also curious what effect Paleo eating will have on my body as I ease back into my workout routines, since I was a crippled bum for most of January!

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