Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mile One

First mile of 2013 ... success!  In the snow and 25F temperatures, no less!  The physical therapist finally gave me the green light to try a run, but absolutely no more than a mile.  So the pup and I ventured out on Sunday morning for a walk/run in the quiet cold.  I love the woods when the weather is less than ideal because I have them all to myself, and the woods during a snowfall are even better because everything is so quiet.  It was only a mile, but the knee did not act up at all and it felt good to finally be moving again!  A tad of stiffness when I woke up Monday morning, but no cracking or popping or pain, so I think we're headed in the right direction!  I'm trying to take this opportunity to also fully transition to barefoot shoes, although snow and ice are making that a bit of a challenge.  But my thought is that I absolutely cannot make the seasoned runner mistake of thinking I'm ready to go farther in minimalist or barefoot shoes than I actually am, and therefore cause some serious damage, because I'm being medically forced to ease back in excruciatingly slowly.  And 8 weeks of no running was enough to make me take this physical therapy and gradual reintroduction very seriously.  I do not want to be back in the doc's office!  So, here's to another mile by the end of this week.

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