Saturday, April 27, 2013

Favorite Runs: Newmarket

I love England.  Especially my one-time home in the gorgeous town of Newmarket.  It's a fairly small place, halfway between two much more "happening" towns (Bury St Edmund's and Cambridge), but it's a place where the equine population probably equals or possibly outnumbers the human population.  Therefore, it's my kind of town.  In all seriousness, I chose to live there because of the horses.  A traffic jam meant I got to ogle for a few minutes while dozens of sleek, muscled, spirited horses pranced across the road in front of my car.  Every sidewalk intended for people is paralleled by a horse walk for the Thoroughbreds.  I woke up every morning to the clip-clop of hooves as the strings of Thoroughbreds passed my house on their way to the various training fields that ring the town.

Those training courses also offer fantastic running opportunities!  Miles and miles of sand and dirt and grass tracks on all sides of Newmarket.  Hills and flats, open fields and shortcuts through stands of windbreak trees, huge training establishments and small farms, mares and foals curiously watching from their pastures ... it was heaven!  I can see the hedgerows in my mind as I type this, and I wish I had some photos I could post.  If you're lucky enough to live in the area, or just to travel through, take a break and go for a run with the horses!  (Well not actually with them, no people on the horse courses during morning workouts .... but the afternoon is yours!)  There are endless opportunities for changing scenery and terrain to keep you entertained while you log some serious mileage.

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