Tuesday, October 29, 2013

20 Miles. OW!

Well, it was a week earlier than planned on my training schedule, but I had time and I was a tad bored and the weather was gorgeous, so I did my 20 mile long run over the weekend.  Technically I think my training schedule called for 22 miles.  But everything is out of whack (thanks, ankle) and stopping at 20 was a very good idea.  Holy ow!  I felt fantastic for the first seven (and found a cool new bike path near my house that I can use for commuting), and then my left hip started to kick in a bit.  But once I passed the halfway mark, I was committed.  Plus I had to get back home!  So sore hips and angry feet be damned, I did 20.  I guess we have a few more milestones here: longest run since the knee fiasco (longest run since my last marathon, actually), and longest run in my Merrell's.  Minus the fact that I think I bruised my left foot a bit and really honestly it was too soon to do that type of distance essentially barefoot, I survived in great form!  And I would rather have sore feet from going too long barefoot than the massive blisters that would have resulted from any other pair of shoes.  And no way was I wearing my marathon shoes for 20 miles of pavement.  So, we compromised and I survived and I'm walking just fine two days later and I guess it's time to taper off!  How is it almost November?!?

Also, we have a Facebook page now!  Technology is my nemesis, so it's rather bare and boring at the moment, but I'm working on it.  Give it a thumbs up to boost my motivation!  :D 

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