Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One Month!!!

And we are officially one month away from the beginning of the Great Antarctic Adventure!  Just shy of one month to the actual race as well.  I am not where I wanted to be with training because I've been struggling to overcome a sprained ankle for several weeks now.  I know that I can't afford to take the minimum of two weeks off that it needs to really heal, so I've been sucking it up with the one week that I took off and now running every other day at most.  I've found that pavement running aggravates it more than anything else, so I did 12 miles on trails over the weekend.  Of course there's the very major risk that I'll trip on a root or slip on a rock and sprain it again ... but that did not happen, so the benefits triumphed.  I know I'll have to do my longest run on pavement simply because I don't have access to a suitably expansive trail network to do more than about 14 miles, but I think I can postpone that for at least one more weekend!!

I've obtained a few more pieces of gear.  I found a shirt at lululemon that is very warm and stretchy and I think will work out well for a base layer.  And an amazing Patagonia fleece that I mostly just want to snuggle with because it feels heavenly right now.  I hope that lasts through some runs and washes!  I think socks, heavy duty mittens, and goggles are the big ticket items that remain.


Antarctica Fun Fact: Did you know that on average, it's the driest continent?  And is technically a desert?

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