Sunday, November 3, 2013

Two Week Window!

November!  Where did you come from!  How have you arrived already!  I'd say go away, but I am super pumped for this adventure, so I'll just freak out for a moment and then welcome November with open arms.

A fellow competitor commented online recently that she was having a bit of a wobble about the race.  I guess it's my turn and today is my wobble day.  I set out to do a minimum of 15 miles hoping it might end up a little longer, depending on how my route clocked out since I wasn't quite sure the exact mileage.  But it was not allowed to be shorter than 15.  First half hard running on pavement, second half easier (mandatory when the pup comes with) on trail.  It was windy and cold and drizzly and basically miserable.  Perfect training weather!  I felt fantastic for the first seven miles, and then the left hip kicked in again.  Half marathon a couple weeks ago fixed the sprained ankle, but torqued the hip.  I can't win!  Anyway, I made it home to wolf down a snack, change shoes, and grab the pup.  It was still chilly, but the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day in the woods with all the trees changing colors.  The sugar maples are in their full flaming red glory right now.  The downside was my hip continued to be a major pain (ha.  ha.) and so when I hit 15 miles and was only about 15 minutes from home, I called it a day.  No need to beat myself up more than necessary when the marathon is two weeks away!  But now I'm nervous because today was unexpectedly rough and it was only 15 miles.  I can run through quite a bit of pain, but it's not fun.  I want to enjoy Antarctica!  Ahhhh!

I did the standard post-long-run stretching and rolling and ice bath (YUCK).  And then I decided to add a new piece to the routine and obtain a pair of compression socks.  I haven't read much about the whole compression thing, although I was mildly curious if it would have helped with my sprained ankle or if it would be useful in general as my calves continue to adjust to the barefoot style.  And I had never realized it could be a recovery tool, until a friend's friend provided the suggestion.  So why not?  I have been wearing CEP run socks for the past few hours and they're great!  Feels like a hug for my calves!  I don't limp the first three steps I take every time I get up from the couch!  I may have to investigate compression gear in more detail!  More to come.

Lastly, Christmas came a month early when my last round of mandatory purchases showed up from BackCountry last week.  Face masks, balaclavas, base layers, goggles, mittens.  Can't wait to layer up and laugh at myself in the mirror!

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