Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Funkiest Theater in Massachusetts

Alright, I know I haven't been to every theater in Massachusetts, so perhaps that title is a bit of hyperbole.  But as soon as you set foot in the Somerville Theater, you know that it's at least in the running, regardless of what quirky small-town theaters you've experienced!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why I Love Mainers, or The Day I Learned to Snowmobile

Canada: the land of snow.  And therefore, Canada: the land of snowmobiles.  In fact, the eastern provinces of Canada are absolutely covered with massive networks of fantastic snowmobile trails.  There are riding clubs everywhere, and heck, the snowmobile was even born in Canada!  (Well, technically it was a Michiganer who got the patent in Canada ... but that's neither here nor there.)

I figured that the Maritimes were within reach, so it would be easy to find a great snowmobile adventure before my last east coast winter melted away.  I started calling around.  Halifax, where can I rent a snowmobile?  PEI, got anything for me?  You've got trails that circumnavigate the island/province, there must be options!  No?  St. John's?  Fredericton?

Canada, how could you let me down like this!

Snowmobiling may be super popular, but you have to own your toy to be able to enjoy.  First timer?  Want to rent one and see what it's like?  TOO BAD.

There was nowhere in eastern Canada within a 12 hour drive of Boston where I could rent a snowmobile for a day.  This meant two things.  First, my Canadian friends would not be able to join me for the fun, so I'd be going solo.  Second, my drive would be a lot shorter.

Because fortunately not only is snowmobiling the winter pastime of Canada, but it's also the winter pastime of Maine!  (And New Hampshire and Vermont, and New York too I'm sure, but I went to Maine.)

 Even better, I found a place where I could rent a cabin for the night and bring the pups!  Sold. We hopped in the truck and headed north.