Here are my go-tos for booking flights, finding hostels, getting appropriate gear, checking out new races, and all the other things that keep my adventurous spirit happy.


Kayak: my favorite site for finding good/cheap airline tickets.  The only bad thing I've ever found is that Southwest Airlines doesn't show up in their searches, so keep that in mind if you're flying around North America.

RyanAir: cheap flights all over Europe and parts of Africa too!  Occasionally the experiences reflects the price, and always make sure you know exactly where your flight arrives so you don't have to pay a 50 pound cab fare because RyanAir's "Glasgow" airport isn't exactly in the middle of Glasgow where your hotel is located.

easyJet: another great option for cheap flights all over Europe and northern Africa!  Basically same as RyanAir from my experience.

Hostelworld: this site is the King of hostel booking sites.  Pretty much any hostel worth the stay is listed through HostelWorld (with the single exception of Erratic Rock Hostel in Puerto Natales, Chile).  I have used it countless times and always been completely satisfied.

Airbnb: I had to wait until I tried it to see whether I would recommend this as a lodging option, and I absolutely do!  I've had some great experiences using Airbnb.  I really like that hosts leave referrals about the guest (you); I haven't used it with Mwenzie yet, but when I do, then I will be able to have an unbiased third party vouch for her good behavior, which I think will make future stays easier!

HomeAway: this is a great option for group travel!  You'll be in email (at minimum) contact with the renter, so it's a little more personal and leaves some room for negotiation.  I asked about bringing my pup on one trip and didn't have to pay extra fees!

Pet-Friendly Canada: great resource if you're traveling around Canada with a pet, need to find lodging, and want a change of pace from Comfort Inn.  (I have nothing against Comfort Inn, which is a pet-friendly chain found throughout the US and Canada.  They are perfectly nice, but I do sometimes like to see something different!)


CoolRunning: this is a very comprehensive sites of races around North America.  5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon, ultra, triathlon, they've got it all.

CrossFit: yes yes I know, CrossFit is scary and so are the people that do it.  However, six months after I started with these workouts, I ran not only a PR but also a pain-free marathon from which I was recovered after one day!  I avoid heavy weights and I still can't do a pull-up let alone a muscle-up, but there is no doubt my running has improved.


Merrell: this company took me through the painful process of becoming a minimalist/barefoot runner and it has been totally worth it.  Their barefoot shoes make my feet very happy.  Also their hiking boots rock.

Altra: these guys have made a big splash in the US running community since 2013, and I'm pseudo on the bandwagon.  I like my Merrell barefoots better, but when I need to wear socks (such as during the winter because there is snow on the ground and my toes turn into ice cubes), then these are my go-to second option.

Backcountry: my favorite place to go when I need gear for a crazy adventure.  I got all my outer layers for the Antarctic Ice Marathon here.

Athleta: I'm a fan of their running clothes, especially the Stability Run Short!  And they have the best return policy ever.

Smartwool: best socks EVER.  I have not run in anything else since NER, when I didn't get a single blister despite the persistent sogginess of my feet for the entire race.  I also love their thicker hiking socks.

lululemon: yay yoga.  And yay running clothes too!

Steep and Cheap: daily deals on all sorts of great gear!

REI: another great place for adventure gear, both in the stores and online.

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