Travel.  Write.  Run.

Hiya, I'm Sasha.  The red and white furball with the occasional photographic appearance is Mwenzie.  When we can, we adventure together.  When we can't, Mwenzie holds down the fort and I strike out on my own.

I suffer from insatiable wanderlust and a powerful need to peer around that next bend in the road.  Tolkien's famous quote is tattooed on my ribs because it says everything you need to know.  I enjoy demolishing my personal comfort zone and watching my horizons expand ever outward.  Sometimes it's scary (bungee jumping!), sometimes its painful (marathons!), but it's always worth it!  I've been on the road since I was born (literally), and have spent varying amounts of time in 42 countries thus far.  And I am so very excited to finally be able to say I have spent time on all seven continents!

I also love stories.  We've all got one.  Nothing in this world is black and white.  Every smiling face masks scars and pain.  Every tear-stained face covers memories of pure joy and happiness.  No place and no person is boring; sometimes you have to dig a little, or sit still long enough to notice, but there is always a story worth the telling.

One day, I will be an old lady sitting on my porch in a rocking chair sipping on gin and tonic reminiscing about my ridiculous life.  Until then, I hope, through my stories and photos and misadventures, to inspire you to explore the places you've always dreamed about and introduce to you to places which you weren't even aware should be on your radar.

Normal is boring, and this crazy amazing confusing big-tiny world deserves to be explored.