Monday, June 30, 2014

Montreal in 24 Hours

A few years ago, during a very unusual but amazing time in my life, I became friends with some awesome people.  Later, when life became a bit too usual, I went on a road trip to hang out with some of those awesome people.  And it's all their fault that I started to fall in love with Canada.

They introduced me to some of the highlights of eastern Canada as I worked my way through Ottawa and Quebec and into the Maritimes.  But I glossed right over Montreal; I only spent two hours walking around the Old Port in the rain with the pups during a break on my way from Ottawa to Quebec.  So last January, when I was still wanderlusting after an amazing time in Antarctica and Chile, I took off to spend a bit more time in Montreal.

Montreal is a fun city.  I got completely soaked on my first short experience and it was bitter cold January on my second trip, and I still think its fun!  So without further ado, here are some suggestions if you've only got a day to explore.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

When I Needed a Hug, Antarctica Was There

It's been a rather rough few weeks.  Restless thrashing nights plagued by strange dreams that dissipate upon waking, but leave sticky cobwebs on my consciousness.  Unfulfilling days plagued by a persistent sense of absence so vague that it can't be captured and therefore addressed.

For one thing, I'm in the middle of moving from a place that I really love to a place that I'm really not excited about.  Everything I do is shadowed by the knowledge that it might be the last time.  I'm leaving behind my favorite running trails right when I need them in the middle of marathon training.  I've found the good hangouts and fun bars and secret beaches.  I could lead a wicked foodie tour through the best bakeries judged by cupcake or cannoli.  I have absolutely maximized by time here, and I have zero regrets or nagging feelings that I missed out on things.  I'd be okay with leaving, but I don't want to go where I'm headed.

For another, regardless of years in a city surrounded by an endless array of people, I am still remarkably alone.  I refuse to believe that they are not out there, but despite my best efforts, I never found similar souls here.  Instead, there are good people who occasionally accept an invitation, but rarely extend them.  Good people who are occasionally game for an excursion, but only if it's in the vicinity of their neighborhood.  Good people who grasped my extended hand, but never pulled me in for a hug.

And everyone else disappears.  Former friends march on with their lives, getting married, having children, and the minimal effort of picking up a phone and pressing 'dial' suddenly requires too much time and energy and planning.  Friends who mere months ago were brimming with enthusiasm at the mention of a potential visit suddenly turn their backs and coldly converse in monosyllables.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's Raining in Boston ....

.... so what should we do??

Fortunately, there is more to Boston than all the cool historic stuff which requires you to spend a lot of time outside making tracks around the city.  Art!  Animals!  Beer!  Museums!  Chocolate!  Something for everyone!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Songs for the Wandering Soul IV

There's a song that's been at the top of my wanderlust playlist for months now because it ignites that adventure-craving fire in my blood and it has pretty much perfect lyrics to provide inspiration for wrestling with the challenges of embracing change.

It touches on all those insomnia nights when you're exhausted but when your head hits your pillow, your mind suddenly takes off sprinting through ideas and plans and hopes, and your pulse picks up and you're laying in bed silently yelling at your brain to give it a rest because it's late and you would really really love to get some sleep!

(I've been losing sleep dreaming about the things that we could be)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Favorite Runs: Breakheart Reservation

Spring might have finally settled into New England.  And I probably just jinxed us by typing that sentence, but it's JUNE for crying out loud!  Let's get some sun and warm weather!  Let's go for a run in shorts and a tank instead of piling on the fleeces!

If you're traveling through the Boston area and looking for a nice place for a stroll or run (and swim!), or you live around here and are tired of the Fells and the Charles, I have a new option for you!  It's not exactly downtown, but it's close enough and it's worth the small trek.