Wednesday, August 28, 2013

T - 83 and Counting

83 days until the Antarctic Ice Marathon!  Medical forms complete, emergency insurance acquired, plane tickets obtained, and first 10-mile run (longest since Cape Cod Marathon 2012, longest since Christmas knee problems, and longest in barefoot shoes!) under my belt!  I'd say we're making excellent progress.

I had an entertaining (and momentous) exchange with a co-worker today on this subject.  He approached while I was battling with the copy machine trying to replicate the packet of information I was preparing to send off to the race director.

Chuck: What are you doing?
me: Copying my medical forms for my marathon.
Chuck: You're running another marathon?
me: Yep.
Chuck: Where's this one?
me (having paused and eyeballed him for a second, since this is usually where people overreact and call me insane): Antarctica.
Chuck: Like, in Antarctica?
me: Yes.
Chuck: Not like a snow race pretending to be in Antarctica?
me: Nope.
Chuck: That is BAD ASS!


Fun fact about Antarctica .... it's the highest continent on the planet.  The average elevation is over two miles!!  Maybe I should have planned a trip to the Rocky Mountains to get in some elevation training before this race ... yikes!

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