Sunday, March 9, 2014

Songs for the Wandering Soul III

Some of you may have been curious about the quote that currently decorates the heading of this blog.  Or maybe you weren't curious.  Maybe you never even noticed there's a quote.  Surprise?  I'm going to tell you about it anyway.

There's a great little Celtic-influenced band from Virginia that writes heaps of great songs with beautiful music and insightful lyrics.  They've already been featured in Songs for the Wandering Soul, actually!  They have a brilliant tendency to put to music those thoughts and emotions that we wanderers struggle with all the time. 

So about that quote.  Paloma.  It's a beautiful song that expresses that overwhelming urge to move, to get out and experience things that are new and unfamiliar, because that's where you find your happiness.  It sounds so easy, right?

Just spread your wings, latch onto the breeze.  Just take the leap ... and you're free.

Snowy River country, Australia

Chase the high ground, where you'd rather be, where you might be found.

But the truth is that it's terrifying to stride into the unknown.  How many of us harbor dreams of leaving everything behind and traveling around the world for a while?  Or ditching that decent-paying-but-oh-so-unfulfilling cubicle job for something, dare I say, FUN?  How many of us dream of the life that makes us want to leap out of bed bright and early on Monday morning because so many awesome things are about to happen?  It takes courage to stop dreaming and build your new reality.

The dreams you seek are straight ahead in every direction

Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania

So here's something to remember.  Remember how you feel when you plan an amazing trip--how excited you are to spend time staring at a computer researching things to see, foods to eat, and places to eat, how your heart picks up the pace when you're seated behind the wheel facing the open highway or belted into an airplane preparing to lift away from the runway, and how all of this excitement oozes through your every pore and infects everyone around you.  They see your adventure aura, and they want one too.

Face all aglow to leave from here, to pack up and go.

Photos are not for stealing, but if you really want to buy the second one for some reason, that's possible here.

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